About El MilesEdit

Tough and beautiful, El Miles is a member of the Sniper Control Board, charged with protecting a city of nuclear war survivors against the "Black Widows." Unlike many of her male coworkers, who often engage in sexually torturing female suspects, El is all business. She does, however, chafe at the constant survelence that goes on in the city; she likes her privacy.

She is very good at her business, but sometimes she has a problem staying conscienous during a takedown - and always at a certain location. It was at this particular locale were she saved the singer Parsley from being raped by "Black Widows."

But something else is bothering El now - the spells that often have her landing in the hospital are happening more frequently, friends and coworkers that she has known for years are suddenly becoming "Black Widows"... and Parsley is openly trying to seduce her! What is going on? Is there something else that is affecting her future... or is her world a huge illusion?

More InfoEdit

Race Age Hair Eyes Status Voice Anime
Human 22 Red green or blue Sniper Shelbee Myne E'L
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