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Hinamori is a sweet, caring Shinigami.Unlike many others, she despises fighting, preferring to solve things through non-violent methods. A childhood friend ofHitsugaya, she still maintains that friendship with him. She is easily deceived, as shown when she thought Hitsugaya was trying to destroy Soul Society.

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Hinamori wears standard Shinigami robes and her dark hair is pulled into a bun held in a tied cloth. When in her Shinigami robes, she wears the 5th Division's lieutenant armband. She can be seen in her pajamas, a plain kimono, in the latter case her hair is tied in a loose ponytail. When she attended the Shinigami Academy, she wore the red students robes assigned to the girls and her hair was in pigtails tied at the base of her neck

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When she is upset, she can lose control, abandoning thoughts of peaceful resolution. If those she cares about are harmed in any way, she will avenge them. Her naivete can lead her to harm, as it will cause her to do things that she will later regret. Luckily, there are people in her life who will aid her and help her realize the truth of things.

Hinamori's Tobiume (zanpakutō)... when its initial release is activated, Tobiume's blade straightens and produces several, jitte-like prongs along its length. In this form, Tobiume acts as a focus for Hinamori's spiritual power, concentrating it into pink-colored energy bursts capable of cratering floors and breaching walls. Hinamori can also compress her power into a single massive energy ball. In the game , Tobiume creates crimson fire instead of pink-colored energy bursts.

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Momo and aizen

She is the Successor of Gin Ichimaru. She looked up to her Captain,Aizen before he Betray the Soul Society. Being the only one of them to have stayed with the division, Hinamori greatly admires Aizen. She still believes he is a good person even after he tries to kill her and subsequently betrays Soul Society, suggesting that Gin Ichimaru is controlling him somehow. She later joins the rest of Soul Society in fighting against Aizen after a long period of recuperation, though makes the mistake of still referring to him as her captain.

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Toshiro And Momo Grew Up together in District 1 of Rukongai. While Hitsugaya tended to be a bit of a brat as a child, Momo found him amusing and treated him like a younger brother. The two have a close friendship, reflected by Momo giving him the nickname Shiro(Witney).

although Momo is older and Tōshirō is younger, it gives him the best reason to protect her. Even more, the two are very close and will protect each other as a promise they made to each other. When Momo entered the Shinigami Academy, she excelled at Kidō. It was there that she met Izuru Kira and Renji Abarai, who soon became her friends and, later, her fellow lieutenants.

Her friendship with Izuru Kira and Renji Abarai began back in the Shinigami Academy on a standard field exercise to the real world to practice performing the Konsō (Soul Burial), and combat with artificial Hollow replicas. The exercise was led by Shūhei Hisagi. Everything went well until a group of huge Hollows attacked them. Shūhei told everyone to run, but Momo turned to see Shūhei being attacked by multiple Hollows. She ran to help him, and was followed, somewhat reluctantly, by Renji and Izuru.

Backup arrived in the form of Fifth Division Captain Aizen and then Lieutenant Gin Ichimaru.Momo began idolizing Aizen from that moment. He knew that, and manipulated the system to make sure that Izuru, Renji, and Momo were all sent to his division upon graduation. He perceived hard-headed Renji as a threat to his scheme and had him sent out of the divisions he controlled, but sent Izuru to the Third Division, which was now captained by Gin. He kept Momo in the Fifth Division, and she worked her way up the ladder to be Aizen’s Lieutenant.
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