About Orihime Edit

Captain orihime
Date of birth September, 3
Voiced by Stephanie Sheh
Weapon Shun Shun Rikka
First appearance Episode 2
Occupation High School Student


Orihime & Ichigo Edit

Ichigo and Orihime kissing3
Orihime been Jelous of Rukia ever since she came back to the World of the Living because the first day back Rukia turn Ichigo back to Normal. People have been going back and forth of who Ichigo should be with I say Orihime because Orihime is a cluss by herself and if anyone that could protect Orihime well it's Ichigo.
Ichigo and Orihime3
Ichigo rescued her from hueco mundo.

Orihime &Ulquiorra Edit

Hollow and orihime
Some people beleve that Ulquiorra and Orihime should be together but that highly ulikely as of right now. when Ulquiorra and Yammy attacked Karakura Town. He didn't care that she got hurt.And they are so oppsite Orhime Is a happy girl & Ulquiorra is depressed 100% of the time.

Orihime &Chizuru Edit

Chizuru and hime
Unlikely. She Doesn't seem Intestest.

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