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Shakugan no shana ii
She is a Flame Haze, “Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter.” Her real name is not known. She gives her name as Flame Haze of “nietono no shana” She made a contract with Alastor who is “Tenjyo no Gouka”, a Crimson Demon. Her flame color is crimson. After entering our world, she is known as Yukari Hirai. She is extremely athletic, and also has the “Power of Unrestraint” which causes various events by controlling the “Power of Existence”. She hardly ever handles powers other than fire explosions because of her immaturity as a Flame Haze. Perhaps because of her strange up-bringing, she has no knowledge of society and common sense. She has great presence, a clear mind, austerity and fortitude, and a super sweet tooth. Melon pan (bread) is her favorite.
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